Difference between psychologists and psychiatrists

Most of us use terms, “psychiatrists” and “psychology” alternately. What we fail to understand is that the two terms are very different in the sense of each other. There is the next debate with these two terms, and people are confused from who to truly seek help. However, this article will determine the different parameters between psychiatrists and psychologists. The first difference lies in the requirement suffix. “-Thy” means medical care and “-ology” psychology means science. This means that while psychology refers to a mental study, a psychiatrist is a person who treats medical conditions.

Parameters are also different in their field of education needed to gather knowledge in the next field. While a psychologist will learn for more than five to seven years depending on graduation and post graduation courses, the psychiatrist is a doctor with his profession. PhD or Psyd degree is given to those who complete their studies of clinical psychology. The title of a psychologist can only be used after a psychologist has completed the study period, research, and internship. Sometimes they also use the provisions of the counselor or therapist to define themselves, especially in the social sector. On the Psychiatrist Online other hand, a psychiatrist will undergo a series of special training in the fields of children, adolescents, addiction, adult, drug abuse etc.

The other difference lies in the fact that a psychologist cannot prescribe medicine to the patient. They can only use a series of psychotherapy and counseling to treat these conditions. Psychiatrists can use psychotherapy, counseling and drugs to treat patients. A misunderstanding continues that a psychologist treats people with mild conditions while a psychiatrist can heal people with severe mental illness. This is not true. A psychologist can also prescribe medicines but only after consultation with a psychiatrist.

Psychologists will use a number of evaluation tests that will determine personality and interconnection disorders between health, behavior and personality. Psychiatrists can also carry out the same inspection tool to determine the circumstances and severity of the disease.