Which tarot spread is right in Tarot reading online

Aside from having the specific topic in your mind, another important consideration in Tarot reading onlineis choosing the right spread. This is because of facts that give the different aspects from which to look at the cards and get the meaning from them, according to particular needs.

Mainly, there are three types of Tarot spreads one spread, three spread, and Celtic cross. But which spread is right to use? In this article, we will tell you which tarot spreads are right to use while making the tarot reading online.

Motivation and guidance

If you want to get motivation and guidance, then it is suggested to use the first card spread. It will give you the right direction and inspiration. For the tarot reading onlinespread, you must select the card randomly from the complete deck.

The psychic readers will use the first card spread to provide you with the answers to past and future events. It is a good option for beginners since it will enable you to focus on a single sign instead of others.

Past, present, and future align

The three-card spread is right for the circumstances because it will tell you about the secret aspects of history. It will tell you how they link to the current situation and the romantic life.

The psychic advisor will ask you to select the three cards from the tarot deck, consisting of the major arcana and minor arcane. They will then determine how life will go depending upon their choices.


If you want to find your love or soulmate, then the little confirmation will tell you which person is right for you. If you want to get the love Tarot reading online, then the love spread will be considered the best deck for you.

Three cards are placed at the top, and the other three are placed at the bottom similarly. The cards in the deck will indicate the different terms of romantic life. In the top three cards, your existing and future partner and the potential of relationships are shown in different degrees.

The tarot readers online look at the cards you choose and tell you about your love life.


If you are finding the roadmap, then the Celtic cross is the right spread for you. This tarot spread uses ten cards and answers in various forms on a particular question related to your life.

Every minor and major arcana card indicates the scenario and different person, much similar to other spreads.